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Ilian Rachov

thisBorn in Sofia, Bulgaria, Ilian Rachov starts his artistic career like self-taught man in 1988 realizing copies of medieval orthodox icons and frescoes, re-discovering ancient techniques of gilding methods and how to engrave after the golden backgrounds of the icons. His personal elaboration of...

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bioMaleonn Born in 1972 in Shanghai, Maleonn received his art training at Shanghai University and Shanghai Huashan Art School.

Before Ma became an artist, he was an Art Director and director in advertising and commercial film. Ma’s works have been exhibited extensively worldwide, receiving...

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Timur E. Akhmedov

9Timur Ernst Akhmedov is an artist from Uzbekistan. He was born 5 November 1968 in Tashkent. Graduated from Art College. Since 1990, he is a participant of more than 40 exhibitions in Uzbekistan, England, Scotland, Germany, Russia and a winner of Grand Prix Asia-Art....

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Shahriar Ahmadi

9Shahriar Ahmadi´s painting are characterized by a radiant, multicolor palette deployed upon monochromatic backgrounds to explore emotional and psychological territories of thought inspired by Persian mystic poetry and Iranian-Islamic literary and anecdotal inheritance.

He began his artistic practice with calligraphy and calligraphy paintings....

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Oliver Rath

Bildschirmfoto 2014-06-26 um 19.31.35Ever since some creative know-it-all came up with this widespread witticism, saying „One Picture is Worth Ten Thousand Words“, the necessity to say anything about Oliver Rath is basically obsolete.

Year of birth (78), place of birth (Heidelberg) – who...

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