The New Narrative Interior

Interior Design Project named The New Narrative, by Carmen Franko

Starring collection objects by:
Philippe Starck, George Nelson, Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Ettore Sottsass, Krenit, Fornasetti, Aldo Cibic , Fritz Hansen , Mario Ceroli, Gaetano Pesce, Franz West, Thonet, Alver Aalto , Bisazza, Bauhaus, and more.

“By enriching exciting collection pieces within the convenience of modern living standards; I create a special ambiance and a beautiful narrative. The narrative is not only functional, but also culturally and sensually charged. Magic objects create magic moments”, Carmen Franko

“In the Mediterranean. Somewhere lost on its shores, we find this wonderful house, full of color, but above all, art. And we mean really art. Carmen Franko is an interior designer who merges architecture with art within this unique interior project, that she calls The New Narrative. Stating “if you surround yourself with beautiful things, beautiful things will happen to you.” Therefore she is constantly working with artists of all kinds and is engaged in both, the design and the production of furniture, as well as the collection of paintings.

The design intention of this house is to make us feel that we belong to a story. A mixture of past and present that is achieved with the merge of sometimes classical furniture and other avant-garde pieces. In her New Narrative project Carmen Franko plays with contrasts, colors, textures, but above all, with the meaning of each piece of furniture as a piece of art – that can be used.

The terrace represents the quintessential Mediterranean style. And not just for the white architecture, blue details, plants, floor ceramic tiles and powerful sunlight. But also by the wave shapes of the exterior creation and within the objects she selected, such as pieces by Philippe Starck – which remind us of the natural and modernist architecture of Gaudi. A constant part of the decoration of the house is the use of pieces of antique furniture with modern and avant-garde ones as well. Such as we see in the kitchen, with a large antique wooden furniture, presented to highlight its value, mixed with a steel top and modern quality equipment.

Throughout the house we can explore spaces which, a priori, might go unnoticed if not treated with proper importance. We find a balcony that could be understood as a corridor that connects the first floor with the ground floor. But nevertheless, it has been decorated like an internal dining room with a large sofa and a contemporary painting hanging on the wall, inviting us to stay and to enjoy the magnificent sea view.

The same wavy shapes that we see on the terrace reappears in one of the main bathrooms through the bad tub. An isolated and very elegant piece of the 20s from France, in black and white is placed at the back of the room to give it importance. It is the undisputed star of this space.

We end up with one of the bedrooms of the house. It is the guest room in which freedom is given to the use of color, that we see throughout multiple lamp shades and striped sheets. Even the pavement is notable for being a combination of hydraulic tiles of various colors. The contrast is created, in this case, by the means of artistic photography in black that hangs over the headboard and white.”

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