Shahriar Ahmadi

9Shahriar Ahmadi´s painting are characterized by a radiant, multicolor palette deployed upon monochromatic backgrounds to explore emotional and psychological territories of thought inspired by Persian mystic poetry and Iranian-Islamic literary and anecdotal inheritance.

He began his artistic practice with calligraphy and calligraphy paintings. He soon established painting as his major medium, practicing it with great enthusiasm. He defines paintings as a “slice of his imagination in a single moment, yet they reveal all my secrets within that moment”. In his passion journey, he has devoted himself to search for meaning in the realm of Iranian-Islamic tradition. His narration of such rooted concepts is based in extensive reading, uniting these studies with a good proficiency of modern paintings into large format, expressive and gestural paintings. His recreation of Persian ancient myths and Islamic tales and figures, though closely resonating their existing visual heritage, is merged with his personal experiences closely related to the contemporary situation of Iran, his beloved homeland.

Shahriar takes part in prestigious exhibitions such as Abu Dhabi Art and various solo exhibitions in Europe, such as in Zürich at the AB Gallery.


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