Movie Strip

Carmen Franko featuring Oliver Rath

Movie Strip

The original title of Oliver Rath´s photography art is Film Rolle, which means movie b-roll on German. As one of the most controversy and renowned German photography artists, Oliver Rath presents an intense blend of aesthetic and rock and roll. His shot Film Rolle is a snap shot of one of a kind. It looks as if the couple making out in the center of his picture was placed into the pattern of an original movie b-roll. The scenery seems surrealistic. Oliver Rath understands to capture unique moments, playing with perspectives and imagination.

Covered in plain black and white, Carmen Franko´s Movie Strip is a unique piece of elegant appearance. A closer look reveals its true aesthetic-provocative touch. The  couple presented on top of the commode reveal some sexy act, covering the sides of the piece with the ongoing image. It is playful piece of furniture art. The inside reveals another delicious surprise, with all drawers coated in black satin and only one dressed in red – to keep something special, sexy, wonderful…

110 l x 60 h x 40 w (cm), ca. 30 kg

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