Carmen Franko featuring Maleonn


Mèng is a unique composition of Louis XV night table with and exceptional photography art by renowned artist Maleonn from Shanghai.

His picture What Love Is merges with all sides of the elegant furniture within Carmen Franko´s unique design named Mèng – meaning Dreams. This unique pieces expressed nothing less than a poem on the sweet dreams of love.

“What Love Is was a poem I wrote in June 2009. To me, love comes in various forms. It could be a secret, a beam of light, a burning kiss, or starry night. It’s a question with no wrong answer. I wanted to visualize this poem. But there is no way to find out a subject in reality which fully represent love. So I decided to create a series of images which appeared in my mind when writing this poem. It took me 2 months to finish this series. I made all the props by hand. The process itself was a reward to me. It was like decoding or unboxing. And when the series were finished, I was very certain that every viewer could find the answer to the question-What is love?“  Maleonn

wood work, 55 l x 59 h x 35 w (cm), ca. 5 kg

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