Ilian Rachov

thisBorn in Sofia, Bulgaria, Ilian Rachov starts his artistic career like self-taught man in 1988 realizing copies of medieval orthodox icons and frescoes, re-discovering ancient techniques of gilding methods and how to engrave after the golden backgrounds of the icons. His personal elaboration of that kind of old techniques and his modern view of this very antique art helps him to develop an own personal and unmistakable style in the iconography field. This makes him very popular in Bulgaria and outside of the borders, gaining international appreciation and followers. Many of his icons and oil paintings are properties of Museums and churches in Bulgaria, Germany, Spain and Italy.

Ilian created for VERSACE and VERSACE Home Collection six collections with baroque pattern designs used for prints on scarves, fabrics, clothes, cushions, lamps, ties and bed spreads – used till now by Versace in their actual collections.  He created the official Medusa Logo for VERSACE, as well as numerous highly rewarded portraits and paintings for institutions, facilities, and famous private collectors.

During the past decade Ilian Rachov received prestigious awards and international recognition, while participating in frequent top level exhibitions, events, publications and TV shows world-wide.

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