Creative Lab

“Art is never just placed and finished. When you surround yourself with beautiful things, beautiful things will happen to you.”             Carmen Franko

We devote the highest level of passion and attention to each creation. Carmé is a fusion of artists, and experts in design and art, founded by Carmen Franko as creative director. Her ‘creative labortory’ is instrumental in the success of each installation.

Carmé is dedicated to

  • unique pieces of furniture art.
  • high-end furniture creations with hand applied Swarovski Crystals.
  • fusion interiors, blending a selection of fine art and design objects of past decades with modern convenience, to a new narrative.

The Art of being State-Of-The-Art

handcraftCarmen Franko Design craftsmanship is based on state-of-the-art production and creation of furniture design and art. Depending on the interior and your aspiration, CF Design offers a variety of furniture designs. The unique selection can be adjusted under request.

Our art of craftsmanship is applied on a broad variety, such as tables, desks, sideboards, commodes or chairs, unique items, and even floors. The interior becomes one unique piece of art according to your aspiration.

Special textile and aluminum prints guarantee the high resolution of the selected pattern or painting. The surfaces of each creation of furniture art is covered by several layers of resin, lacquer and an ultra fine polishing compound within an elaborate procedure.

Carmen Franko´s Louis XV inspired furniture art on the other hand, is mostly based on antiques. Her avant-garde work breathes new life into the glory of times of Art Nouveau. These collection pieces are unique pieces of handmade art, and were presented in some of the best exhibitions, such as Art Monaco or Art Basel.

L´Art pour l´Art

CF Design is pure passion for creation.

features image cLabThe creation of art is an endeavor that survives and in fact thrives on innovation, imagination, discovery, investigation, diversity, acceptance, tolerance, unconventionality, exploration, inquiry, contemplation, reflection, understanding, open-mindedness, freedom of expression, freedom to experiment without rules or constraints, and all kinds of other great stuff like that. Being exposed to the realm and results of pure creativity can only have positive effects on the rest of your life. Art has the potential to elevate and even transform the way you think, see and relate to the world… if you let it.“ 

by A.B. / The Art of Buying Art