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“I am a creator of inspirational work. I love to play with the ideas of time, taste and pleasure. So as an artist I recreate these ideas to contribute to a unique living ambiance. The things we surround ourselves with shape our existence. I believe that if you surround yourself with beautiful things, beautiful things will happen to you. ”
Carmen Franko

Carmen Franko creates avant-garde furniture and interiors, that connect times, cultures, personal expressions, and spaces. Carmen Franko Luxury Pop Art collection presents an intersection between design & art, celebrating the collaboration of art with a product of everyday use. “I envision them as narrative and fun compositions, with my intention to make art a public subject. Art pret-a-utiliser”.

With her crystal furniture *Kings & Queens*, Carmen Franko showcases timeless luxury in a playful matter. Each hand-applied crystal is a literal reflection of history in dialog with modern life. And each piece is a unique time capsule of beauty.”

Her interior decoration presents a fusion of the architecture and its surrounding with the interior in a harmonic and artistic way. By enriching exciting collection pieces (Thonet, Wagenfeld, Fornasetti, Pesce, Sottsass, Starck and other handpicked pieces of art) within the convenience of modern living standards; Carmen Franko creates a special ambiance and a beautiful narrative. The narrative is not only functional, but also culturally and sensually charged. “Magic objects create magic moments.”

Some Expositions

Top Marques Monaco 2018

Art Monaco 2016

Theatre Principal Barcelona 2014

Gallery 212 / Art Basel Miami 2013

Face to Face Expo Monaco 2013

Vernissage / Rath Gallery Berlin/ 13

Pop Up Gallery / Art Basel / Basel 2013

Art Walk / Miami Wynwood / 2013