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“I am a creator of inspirational work. I love to play with the ideas of time, taste and pleasure. So as an artist I recreate these ideas to contribute to a unique living ambiance. The things we surround ourselves with shape our existence. I believe that if you surround yourself with beautiful things, beautiful things will happen to you. ”
Carmen Franko

Carmen Franko creates avant-garde furniture and interiors, that connect times, cultures, personal expressions, and spaces. Carmen Franko Luxury Pop Art collection presents an intersection between design & art, celebrating the collaboration of art with a product of everyday use. “I envision them as narrative and fun compositions, with my intention to make art a public subject. Art pret-a-utiliser”.

With her crystal furniture *Kings & Queens*, Carmen Franko showcases timeless luxury in a playful matter. Each hand-applied crystal is a literal reflection of history in dialog with modern life. And each piece is a unique time capsule of beauty.”

Her interior decoration presents a fusion of the architecture and its surrounding with the interior in a harmonic and artistic way. By enriching exciting collection pieces (Thonet, Wagenfeld, Fornasetti, Pesce, Sottsass, Starck and other handpicked pieces of art) within the convenience of modern living standards; Carmen Franko creates a special ambiance and a beautiful narrative. The narrative is not only functional, but also culturally and sensually charged. “Magic objects create magic moments.”


Some Expositions

★ Top Marques Monaco 2018

★ Art Monaco 2016

★ Theatre Principal Barcelona 2014

★ Gallery 212 / Art Basel Miami 2013

★ Face to Face Expo Monaco 2013

★ Vernissage / Rath Gallery Berlin/ 13

★ Pop Up Gallery / Art Basel / Basel 2013

★ Art Walk / Miami Wynwood / 2013

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